Thursday, August 13, 2009

new shoes!

Top: Skirt (used as dress) - Guess?, grey top - urban world, shoes - Vera Wang
Middle: Gold long strap purse - Mom's closet, skirt - Guess?, Black shirt - the Gap, Sweater - Cable & Gauge, Heels - Vera Wang
Bottom: Hat - WalMart (i know), Top - Thrifted, Skirt - Guess?, Heels - Vera Wang.
I think the true stellar part to them is the fact they were on sale! I got them for $4, when they were originally $70. Really good price. I'm really going to enjoy, them, i just hope they don't go out of style :P. They are "Vera Wang". I guess my next big shopping ordeal will be for my birthday. I've been dying for a new pair of skinny jeans (with prefernce towards True Relgion.. the shorts I own are beyond comfortable.)

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